Kelvin has a vision where every workplace shall have a person who is digital literate.  He is committed to dedicate his mind to constant discovery of knowledge and his efforts to deliver knowledge, skills and attitude of being through positive influences.

There is always a solution for every problem when one view it from the macro and micro perspective.  Hence, Kelvin provided these services:

“Think of I.T. think of me, I’m the hacker used to be.”


J. Kelvin


Analyzing situations and assuming new potential outcomes.


Applying changes according to an agreeable solid plan.


Monitor response toward operational changes.


“Being able to #Love is the most precious gift, and #KnowingThyself is the door to all wisdoms.”

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Cyber Security Training & Consultation

When we talk about ‘Cyber’ and ‘Security’.  We need to ask ourself questions like how much do I value my data?  What if one day my social media account just disappeared?  What would I do if company’s R&D documents were leaked to one of my competitor?

These cyber attack happens almost all the time and you may not be an exception.  Study shows with frequent protocol practices we can decrease risk of cyber attack by at least 78%.

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Business Integration

A business that constantly implement new practices of protocols, administration tools, technologies and management strategy… Stays in business!

Website Development

A website is always healthy, a website stays awake all time, and a website is the perfect match if you are looking to hire a 24/7/365 sales person to sell your product be it a physical goods, a vision or even a donation raising website.

The value of website had rise alike realty properties since the new norm.

Project Management

Need a tool to organize tasks?  Or to overlook project progress and communicate effectively.  An insightful suggestion from someone who tried tons of project management tools is all you need!  And that guy, is Kelvin.

Event Coordination

Over 8 years of physical and virtual event experience, from on ground sales activity to brand merchandising and entertainment competitions.

If you need consultation of event flow, on ground coordination or event administration.  Just talk to Kelvin.

Social Media

Managing multiple social media pages from business presense to event marketing and ads campaign media buy.  Kelvin is able to suggest a balanced weightage of focus between different delivery channels.

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